NEW !  In addition to my popular corporate and
professional career counseling, I now offer
career counseling for high school and college students

Many of my corporate and professional clients have asked if I could also help their children develop the right career path for their interests. After many such requests, I have developed a comprehensive service to help high school and college students find the best majors and career paths. Utilizing well-known evaluation methods and my personalized career counseling, students can now take the guesswork out of their future.
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Are you doing everything at your current job to position yourself so that you are not caught up in a "downsizing?"  Are you wanting to make a career change but think this is not the right time.   Get advice from an expert on: 

       - How to keep yourself on your employer's "A" list. 
       - How to get "unstuck" in a job that you don't like.
       - Or onto a new career path.

As a Career Consultant, I can provide you the tools and coaching you need.  It is tough to do this on your own. So give me a call or e-mail me and let's discuss your situation.  Take action, start 2021 by taking charge of your career!

Dana D. Glasgo
The "Cincinnati Career Coach"

  •   Career Consulting and Coaching
  •   Resume and Cover Letter Preparation
  •   Interviewing and Salary Negotiation Training

Whether you are recently outplaced, want to advance your current career, want to change careers, or are just starting out in the job market, I can help you find the career and the job that's right for you.

For twenty years, I was a Senior Career Consultant for Lee Hecht Harrison (, a global career management services company), providing career consultation to Fortune 1000 companies.

I'm now offering my experience to individual clients in the Cincinnati area, providing career services and coaching which will quickly transition you to a new career. I have a passion for helping to make a difference in peoples' lives. Call me today to discuss your situation.
Career coaching
Are you returning to work after not working for years? Do you need to make a career change because of life circumstances? Has your career run into a dead end? Do you want to step up in your career but don't know how? Career coaching is my specialty and I can counsel you as to how to go about it.
Marketing strategy
How do you go about finding your ideal job? Learn from an expert the different strategies to use.
Resume Preparation
I will help you develop a resume that sells your skills and the value you would bring to an organization. You are guaranteed a resume that will get attention and interviews from employers. Your resume is completely customized to your skills and accomplishments.
Cover letters
The key to a successful campaign is a cover letter that catches the attention of the hiring manager. I don't use form letters of any kind-- each cover letter will be written specifically for you.

I will help you understand the latest in interviewing techniques, and conduct practice interviews to prepare you for the real thing. You will learn how to sell your yourself. Practice helps alleviate the fear of interviewing and makes you more confident during the interviewing process.
Learn the art of negotiating your salary package. Clients have significantly increased their total package by learning this skill.
Who are my clients?
I work with clients at all levels, from new job seekers, senior executives and professional athletes.  I am also experienced working with educators at all levels from elementary school to college. I have also helped clients with special circumstances - divorced women who need to return to work, and even white collar criminals returning to work.
High School and College students are also a part of my practice. If your son or daughter needs special attention that the school can't provide, I am experienced in this age range and can assist them in their career direction.

About me
I have been a Senior Career Consultant for over twenty years, consulting for Fortune 1000 companies as well as small to medium size businesses. I have worked with educators at area high schools and colleges. I share my knowledge and experience with area career groups such as the Cincinnati Job Search Focus Group, Northminster Church Job Search Group, Xavier University MBA students/Business Club, WKRC, Channel 9 and Channel 19.  Before becoming a Career Counselor, I was Vice-President of Human Resources and Marketing for eleven years at a consumer electronics company that quickly grew from a startup to sales of over $100 million.
I have an MBA and BS from the University of Cincinnati, and am a Certified Career Practitioner with the Institute of Career Certification International. Qualified in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and in Six Sigma.

Contact me today!

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