Who I Help

I help people who are just starting out, or in a job they don’t like, or out of work, or who just want to make a change. Each person has unique circumstances, but I’ve worked with hundreds of clients in the greater Cincinnati area – from teenage to late seventies – and have helped them land positions from entry-level to senior executive at great companies in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

For young people

For young people finishing college or even a year or two after college, some need help finding the right first job.

Not Happy With Your Current Job

Then there are folks that aren’t happy in their current jobs and want to make a change to a different company, a different industry, or a different work/life balance.

Lost Your Job

The third situation is folks who have lost their job. Maybe their company closed, maybe they were downsized, or terminated.

Just Getting Started

And for young people in high school or starting college, I help them discover and understand different career paths that might be good fits for their interests and skills.

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