Career Services

Since I work one-on-one, I customize my approach for each person’s situation. Most clients choose my full program, where we work together as a team until you find the right job. But if you just want help with one part of your job search, I’m happy to work with you on that, too.

Career Exploration

Are you returning to work after not working for years? Do you need to make a career change because of life circumstances? Has your career run into a dead end? Do you want to step up in your career but don’t know how? Career coaching is my specialty and I can counsel you as to how to go about it.

Skills and Experience Assessment

I have my own detailed questionnaires that give me a deeper understanding of each client, and when appropriate also use three well known assessments that can be powerful tools to identifying possible careers tailored to your personality and interests.

Marketing strategy

How do you go about finding your ideal job? Learn from an expert the different strategies to use. I’ve placed clients in great positions in companies in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Information Interviews

I often can arrange “information interviews” with someone working in the career the client is interested in. Usually these calls last twenty to thirty minutes, and can give you some great insight on how you might fit in a job like that.

Resume Preparation

I will help you develop a resume that sells your skills and the value you would bring to an organization. You are guaranteed a resume that will get attention and interviews from employers. Your resume is completely customized to your skills and accomplishments.

Cover letters and emails

The key to a successful campaign is a cover letter that catches the attention of the hiring manager. I don’t use form letters of any kind. Each cover letter will be written specifically for you.

Interviewing Preparation

I will help you understand the latest in interviewing techniques, and conduct practice interviews to prepare you for the real thing. You will learn how to sell your yourself. Practice helps alleviate the fear of interviewing and makes you more confident during the interviewing process.

Salary negotiation

Learn the art of negotiating your salary package. Clients have significantly increased their total package by learning this skill.

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